AP PT CodePrint

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A one-stop shopping browser tool for preparing your code to submit for the AP CSP Performance Tasks.
If you can print a PDF from the browser, this should be everything you need.

Update: nov 13, 2018 (click to expand)
  • Added ability to draw up to 3 ovals and 3 rectangles.
  • "ovals" bigger than a certain size become rounded rectangles to better support surrounding many-lined sections of code.

  • It is highly recommended that you only use one rect and one oval for the AP Performance task to avoid confusing the reader. However, in some circumstances your abstraction or algorithm may get split up, requiring you to need more than one shape to mark the appropriate sections.

    1. Type (or paste) your code into the big box below. Click this button if it doesn't automagically pretty-ify.
    Optionally add a title or other text to show as a header.
    Project Title: Other Text:

    2. Set font size and draw shapes on the code 3. Hide the controls 4. Print to PDF from the browser
    Font Size: 12px | Draw Shape:


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